Garage Conversions in Orpington

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    We specialise in garage conversions in Orpington and the surrounding areas. We know about the hidden potential that this space has. Your garage can be converted from a cold, unused garage into a comfortable living space, significantly increasing the value of your property.

    Transform Wasted Space

    We pride ourselves on being able to transform a cold dark space into a warm and completed room to use all year round.

    Bespoke Garage Conversions

    Whatever you want to use the extra space for we can help you plan and build your garage conversion.

    Loft Conversions

    If you need more room but don’t want the hassle or expense of moving house – converting your garage is a great solution.

    Increase Your Property Value!

    As well as the obvious lifestyle improvements, it has been estimated by independent property surveyors that the average garage conversion adds between £10,000 and £15,000 to the value of a house.

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    The possibilities for your new room are endless. Whatever you want to use the extra space for, if you’re in the Orpington area, we can help you plan your garage conversion.